Simple Ways to Light Up your Home

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If you remember, Olie means 'light' in Tamil and Lighting is one of the best things you could own from Olie. So - why ditch the plastic ones and go for something a little more soulful and natural ?

1. You're better than that plastic rubbish.

2. It doesn't do a thing for you other than throw some undiffused bright light in your home- doesn't help the love life (or peace of mind) at all ! You need some of that warm, rich hue that transforms the mood in your space (and looks gorgeous during the day too ! )

3. I've gone over the benefits of Shopping Local in an earlier post. Yes, you can do your bit for the environment just by shopping from craftspeople who craft your lighting using locally sourced materials and are ethically hand-made.

Now that we are done with the general plastic-bashing session. I'm going to share some of my all-time favourite lighting ideas with you. If you have any cool tips - feel free to write me at I always learn the most from you guys !

1. Lamps over a dining table.

A small lighting installation over the dining table could be that design element that changes the aesthetic at home. It looks beautiful during the day, and once the sun sets, it throws light on a space where you probably work/ eat and spend a lot of time.


2. Fill the corners with gorgeous floor lamps that light up your corners and are a work of art.

3. Wall lamps !

I wish I had some better pictures to show you, we have a giant-sized collection of wall lamps and haven't clicked any pictures of them. I'm sure all you small business owners out there are nodding knowingly. But- here is one not -so -great image to give you an idea ! These are wonderful for every room, and even in your bathrooms. They add a ton of style and design detail to your walls and come in every shape and size you can imagine !

So if you have been wondering about where to begin with your lighting, I hope this post throws a bit of light on that topic ( pardon the pun ;) ) For all of you who celebrate Diwali, this is a fabulous time to give your home that lighting makeover. We craft every single lamp just for you - so we need about 2 -3 weeks to fulfil your order. You know what that means, it's time to start ordering. Fill in our Made-to-Order form : or write to us at to place your order.

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