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We are an independent lighting design studio based out of Bangalore. 

With a collection that focuses on beautiful lighting design crafted from primarily natural materials, Olie was born with the desire to make our art interactive. We fell in love with the idea of creating something that when switched on, could instantly change the mood of a space. That had the power to transform entire conversations like only lighting can. 

At our studio, we design pieces that are one-of-a-kind and inspired. Each piece is hand-crafted once the order is placed. From working with custom illustrated prints and textiles, to local clusters that weave natural fibres for us in banana and cane, to brass, metals and wood polished with natural oils, we are constantly growing our library of work and material and designing with our brushes dipped across this gorgeous palette. Customisation is possible, so your lamp fits perfectly in the space it was designed for.

We enjoy working with architects and designers to craft bespoke lighting for residences, commercial and hospitality projects.

Get in touch for our catalog through our 'contact us' page.  


Lighting sculptures move away from traditional lighting. Their purpose
is not just to throw light on a surface but to be a piece of art that one interacts with just by walking into the space and in using it. We create an immersive experience with each light sculpture. It challenges the ordinary, raises questions and invokes a sense of awe.


Every one of our sculptures is entirely handcrafted. Each process involves different pairs of hands and each step is crafted with great care. The result is beautiful, organic and makes these unique one-of-a-kind pieces come alive with a soul richer than a large scale mass manufactured piece could ever possess. The mark of the handmade, is a mark of pride.

We’re thrilled to have the Olie name become synonymous with unique, contemporary design and refined craftsmanship.


Our lights are on display at our exclusive experience space at the 'Tusker Katha' Studio in Bangalore.


Elle Decor International Design Awards 2022 - Nomination for Lighting

Lexus Design Awards 2022 - Finalist

Elle Decor International Design Awards 2023 - Nomination for Lighting and Young Talent.  


The Playground by MuseLAB - RAW collaborative '22

The Maker's Trail curated by Manju Sara Rajan - Unboxing BLR '23

On Paper Off Paper curated by Ankon Mitra for Apparao galleries - India Design ID  '24 

The Pollen waits on Tiptoe at New Gallery- Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat '24 

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