Repair and Reclaim

At Olie, we consciously use beautiful, high quality materials and processes that ensure a long life for each product that we make. Pieces with long shelf lives that can be used and loved for years.

We are rolling out an initiative to support our goal towards building a brand that is wholly circular where you can book to ‘repair and reclaim’ your favourite Olie products.

We understand that as an Olie light ages over many years, you may want to breathe new life into it - In this initiative, Your Olie light can be passed down for generations and look better for it- when it gets to a stage where you would like to ‘reclaim’ your Olie lamp, we will do the necessary possible repairs and change the fabric so you get to use the same product in a fresh avatar for yet another 5-7 years and the landfills around us are lighter for it.

Please fill the form below to give us some information about the product you are looking to reclaim, and we will get back to you in 2-4 days with a cost estimate.

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