Our blogposts come few and far between these days, much as I love recording our ideas and thoughts here. But this announcement definitely called for a post.

We are currently in the exciting process of launching a brand new range of lighting at Olie.

The inspiration?

Ever since we opened our Flagship store ( at 80 ft road, Indiranagar in case you've been under a rock lately ;) ), we have been thrilled with the response we have received. And our lamps have received SO much love. They finally had a place to be showcased and watching everyone come in enamoured and leave with a custom made lamp made us realise how much respect and admiration our handwoven banana fibre was receiving.

We finally decided it was time to go ahead and design the collection that's been on our minds for a while.


The MUSE collection is a tribute to the beautiful, handwoven banana fibre that has been running through our collections as a common thread since Olie's conception over three years ago. It is stark, minimal and celebrates banana fibre through light and shadow. Here are some pictures of the first few lamps from Muse. 

They are delicate and opaque at the same time, and almost defy the lightness of their fabrics. It's been magical to create something so different out of the exact same beautiful materials we have been working with for so long. We owe our inspiration to you, and we hope you fall in love with Muse.

Lighting from the MUSE collection can be ordered online on or 

at the OLIE store at 80 ft road, Indiranagar.


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