The Travel Edition.

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I always knew that I would do a collection on trains one day..

My earliest memories of train journeys were of bustling families, smiling strangers, delicious smells of food and looking out the window feeling peaceful. Being 'in transit' was relaxing and it was always the best time to pull out a book and order a cup of tea whilst being rocked gently. 

The Railway collection is inspired by the romance of train travel and every print is illustrated and then hand-printed to bring alive our love for train journeys.

 We launched our decor line in the Railway collection with a beautiful series of lighting and cushions. In tones of blush, grey, cobalt blue and cream with lots of handmade tassel detailing and beads - we have been thrilled to see how well this collection has been received. 


However, we knew we were not done with the Railway collection. The travel theme is close to our hearts, and it needed to translate into product that we could take out of our homes with us. And more importantly, take along for when we travel. 

And this is what has us so excited today. 

In just 2 days, we launch The Travel Edition. This entire collection complete with a range of overnighters, totes, wet sacks that are also backpacks, wash bags and gorgeous pouches/ clutches. 

This is a first for Olie, and each piece is sensible, beautifully designed, full of our signature detailing and the perfect range of accessories to take with you during your  summer travels. Here's a quick peek !



So, if you are in Bangalore - please do come by Xanadu at Lavelle road, where we are serving chai and cookies along with the chance to get the FIRST look at the entire travel range. 

And for the Olie family that cannot make it, this collection will be available online on very very soon. Keep an eye out.

Happy Travels and we hope to be seeing you this weekend !





1 comment


Beautiful collection. But then, I like all the Okie collections :) Thanks for sharing the story behind it.

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