Forest Floor Oven Mitt

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This Oven Mitt looks fabulous hanging in your kitchen, and we have just crafted a brand new shape that makes it so  much easier to use than the traditional oven glove. Soft, and heavily padded inside - it offers all the protection you need while looking beautiful all the while.
If you love to bake, or know someone who does - this is the perfect addition to your baking essentials !


Illustrated and hand-printed onto soft, pure cotton, every accessory has been care crafted with great attention to detail. 

Materials used : 100% pure cotton, poly and cotton filling

Care information : Dry clean only / hand wash in cold water


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Forest Floor Oven Mitt
Forest Floor Oven Mitt
Forest Floor Oven Mitt


How long does it take to ship once I place my order ?

We usually request 45-60 days to craft your order once it is confirmed. However, please do check the product page for a clear estimate on the readiness date for the piece you wish to order.

How do I clean my light?

All lighting can be dusted clean with a dry cloth/ vaccumed with care on upholstery setting. Please take care to dust carefully so as to not damage your product.

What type of bulb can I use?

We use E27 bulb holders in most of our fixtures. Choose an E27 bulb (screw type) for the purpose you wish to fulfil with the light. We recommend a 7-14 Watt, warm white bulb to create a beautiful mood in your home.

Can I customise the size and colour of the fixture I want to order?

Absolutely. Write us at olieliving@gmail.com with the details of what size/ colour you are looking to change as well as a link to the product you are hoping to customise and our design team will get back to you shortly.