Overnighter Blue

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This Overnighter is an Olie masterpiece.

Besides being absolutely beautiful to look at, it is also the most functional bag you could carry with you. Either to work or on short trips.

Here is a quick summary of what makes it so great.

1. Thick, sturdy fabric - all hand-printed with our signature prints. And beautiful printed lining inside ( hot air balloons, sunny skies and compasses for the traveller ! )

2. Excellent quality zippers, with lovely puller detailing.

3. Padded Laptop pouch inside.

4. Extra pockets inside and roomy enough to store lots of clothing.

5. A waterproof lined pocket at the bottom that holds upto 3 pairs of shoes or a pair of shoes and your toiletries, or even your laundry ! 

.   .    .    .    .   .

The Travel collection celebrates the joy of travelling by train and day-dreaming a little, amidst conversations, cups of tea and ever-changing land and seascapes outside the windows.

.   .   .   .    .   .

Entirely carecrafted by hand.

Size : 17.5" H X 16" W

Handle length : 10.5"

Each piece is unique, crafted from a different part of our hand-printed fabric. There may be slight variations from the picture you are looking at.

Shipping : Ships in 2 - 3 days.

    Overnighter Blue
    Overnighter Blue
    Overnighter Blue
    Overnighter Blue
    Overnighter Blue
    Overnighter Blue


    How long does it take to ship once I place my order ?

    We usually request 45-60 days to craft your order once it is confirmed. However, please do check the product page for a clear estimate on the readiness date for the piece you wish to order.

    How do I clean my light?

    All lighting can be dusted clean with a dry cloth/ vaccumed with care on upholstery setting. Please take care to dust carefully so as to not damage your product.

    What type of bulb can I use?

    We use E27 bulb holders in most of our fixtures. Choose an E27 bulb (screw type) for the purpose you wish to fulfil with the light. We recommend a 7-14 Watt, warm white bulb to create a beautiful mood in your home.

    Can I customise the size and colour of the fixture I want to order?

    Absolutely. Write us at olieliving@gmail.com with the details of what size/ colour you are looking to change as well as a link to the product you are hoping to customise and our design team will get back to you shortly.