Gorgeous Olie homes styled by you !

I was browsing through my phone, when it suddenly struck me that we now have an incredible library of beautiful, beautiful pictures of your homes, styled by You ! We've been so inspired by these homes, and so excited to see how Olie fit in, in your space ! Do send us pictures of your home to amrita@olie.co.in. It makes our day.

Each image in this collection of pictures belongs to a different home, in a different part of the world. Thank you for sending us these pictures and bringing Olie into your lives.

Quick tip - 2 big cushions on a bed (24 inches x24 inches) with a long cushion are an absolute winner. Once I saw picture number 3, all the beds at our home now are an 'inspired' version of it ! It's comfortable and looks wonderfully luxurious.

Have a great weekend - just two hours to Friyay!

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