Our First Curated collection !

In today's world, we are all so rushed for time that even the things we love to do get pushed to the backburner. While we at Olie always dream of tempting you to live the slow life and be a free spirited dreamer every now and again, we do understand that sometimes you just don't have the time to spend hours planning on the perfect mix of linen for your home. And trying to decide which lamp looks best with which cushion.

So now, we solemnly promise to do more shoots like the one below, with carefully curated pieces that make gorgeous sets . Shop this look with just one easy click ! I hope you enjoy this breezy, fresh yet neutral look. Add one of our Kolam lamps to the mix and things start to become really stunning.


This gorgeous mix of Basics cushions with our Kolam and Roots and Wings throw pillows would be beautiful on a bed, or couch. For now, you can purchase the set with just a single click at a great price ! We hope you like it :)

You can shop this look Here : http://www.olie.co.in/collections/cushion-covers/products/the-life-set-a-set-of-5-pieces



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