The Best Kept Secrets to Lighting up your home.

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Oscar De La Renta may have said it best. " The most important thing ? Perfect lighting at all times ". During the long, beautiful monsoons -these words couldn't ring truer.

Creating a cosy feel while sunshine hides behind a dark cloud can be easy. But a single statement piece simply won't suffice. What you need is a good mix of ambient, task and accent lighting.

For cosy, comfortable dinners and conversations 

Beautiful Pendant lighting over a dining table is always a winner. It adds a lot of grandeur and character to your dining room, while lighting up the table beautifully. Add a dimmer to the switch to give you control over light levels. You can easily convert the mood to a romantic one by simply dimming the lights - magic !

Perfect Task Lighting

For all those tasks like cooking, homework or dressing up, you need lighting that does the job.

For kitchens, pendant lighting and under the cabinet lighting looks stylish while being super functional.

Bedroom Lighting

Table lamps are ideal for bedside tables. They should be bright enough to read with, and diffused enough to put you in a relaxed state of mind. Work with colours or prints that compliment your bedlinen, art and rug to make your bedroom feel comfortable and well-designed. Floor lamps on either side of the bed also work very well. They take up less space, and add a feeling of depth that is gorgeous. That also saves you a couple of bucks in bedside tables !



The Bathroom is the space where you really should relax, go ahead - put in a few candles, install a gorgeous wall lamp that uplifts the space. You could even put in a beautiful pendant lamp if your bathroom is bigger and really start feeling luxurious. Why go to spa's if you could soak in one everyday after a long day of work !

Everyone has their favourite nook to curl up and read in. With the monsoons just around the corner in India, there is no better time to put your feet up on your couch put a little throw around your feet and relax with a cuppa chai. Decorating your nook simply needs one piece of furniture, soft lighting to read in, and a bunch of comfortable, pretty cushions.

And it really is that simple. If you're bursting with creative energy and dying to shop for lighting , we have great news ! from June 23rd to 26th we are hosting an event on called the Monsoon Lights. Lots of fabulous new designs, at great prices just for 4 days. Do save the date.

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