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Hello there !

A few months ago, we were struck with the greatest idea. Since we were handcrafting each lamp , we had started tweaking them a little to suit our client's wishes. I started thinking that maybe, just maybe we could do a customized project. As luck would have it, one fell into our lap just then. An international school in Bangalore wanted us to do a lighting installation in their art space. We jumped at the chance. The result ?

12 gorgeous giant-sized ( starting at 3 feet high ) glowing lamps swaying in the wind. I remember sitting there, once the whole thing was installed, a child strumming a guitar below (it's an art room, remember?) and falling in love with what we do all over again.


We were fortunate enough to have been able to light up many more spaces since then. A wedding mantap (pictures below of this gorgeous mantap under the stars) , Two very cool offices, a spa and we have a few residences underway as well ! So if you have a home, a restaurant, an office or pretty much any space you want to light up with Olie, we would love and be so honoured to work with you on it ! Don't forget to spread the word !

Much love folks x Have a wonderful weekend !

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