What's in a box?

This is the story of how Olie Storage came to be.

 Our talented artisans decided that there was way too much fabric going waste from our lamp-crafting. So one day, they presented me with a lovely little handcrafted box. I loved it of course, but I did want you to have a say, so I put a picture of it up on social media asking you what you thought of it.

You loved it too! And that made our artisans very happy and we started crafting lots of these boxes in different shapes and sizes ! End of Chapter 1.

Here's what I wanted to know. What do you use these boxes for? And gosh, we got some creative responses. Check out the pictures below, and tell me you don't want to steal these ideas ! (because you can ;) they are inspirational ! )

Get these beauties right here : http://www.olie.co.in/collections/storage




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