Olie, our homegrown small design and decor label based in Bangalore, south of India –  crafts product that is carefully designed, luxurious and sustainable while being extremely affordable.

Our product line focuses on decor accessories that instantly change the mood and the look of a home with pieces that are easily changeable, transportable and reflect your personality and lifestyle choices.

All Olie accessories are..  


OLIE focuses on natural style living and it was conceptualised as a brand that would invoke the tiny wonders that bring us so much joy- a gust of wind that makes falling leaves dance, or the fleeting moment of sparkle when a dragonfly rests on a flower. We take this concept further through the tags, each tag has a verse which speaks of the inspiration behind that particular printed collection .  


We focus on sustainability and place an emphasis on supporting the artisans that create the beautiful banana fibres that we use through our collections. Since all our product is crafted entirely by hand, we use less electricity, produce less waste and are more friendly to the environment.  


Each Olie accessory is entirely handmade by our team of Artisans and is full of soul.We believe and practise fair trade and it gives us great pride to see our artisans living a better lifestyle since we began working with them.  


Luxury is in the details. We take pride in our attention to detail even in our smallest product. They are designed to surprise you with the care that has been out into designing and crafting each piece. With Olie, you will be able to fill your home with rich, beautiful decor accessories that reflect your personal style at prices that give you great value.  


We at Olie work hard to ensure that our product remains fairly priced no matter which part of the world you are shopping from. You always get a unique product that has been carefully and beautifully crafted from the finest materials at the best prices.  


All our fabrics are 100 % pure cotton, or banana fibre and are safe for the skin, comfortable for any weather and absorb less dust.  


We customize our lamps to suit your budget and the size you require, with a small customization fee. Write to us at amrita@olie.co.in to order the perfect lighting in any shape, size or colour. 

We offer discounted prices for orders of 5 lamps and more.



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