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The Week that Went by


Hello there !

It's been quite a week for us ! Last Saturday, for the first time, we hosted a cosy little event at our home + studio and it was such a wonderful success ! I was humming like a happy bee all day. We had nice music playing,  home-baked cake to munch on, a little puppy running around (when our guests insisted we let her out of her room! ). I thought the place looked beautiful, it had rained the previous day and the weather was lovely. See :) I'm humming again ! Most importantly, we had a wonderful small crowd come in, and they seemed to love Olie, and really really made the day worth it. We brought in 30 floor lamps and only have a handful left with us. The signs of a day well spent.

Couldn't take any pictures while people were milling around ( or rather, I should have but forgot! ) but here are a few ! The next time we do one of these, come by ! We would love to meet you too.


 See anything you like? You can pop over and shop it online. And of course, I'm always there to answer any queries at ! Go shop ! We still have a few pieces in stock, so you might get them sooner than the website tells you :) And have a wonderful weekend my loves.


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If you're living in India, I'm pretty certain you must be feeling the heat this summer.

There's only one real way for us décor lovers to beat that exhaustion. Re-decorate!

Have I convinced you yet? If I haven't, maybe these pictures will :) We've been bringing out LOTS of NEW pieces, both in Olie BASICS and some gorgeous new lighting for your home / work space. And they come at fantastic prices. Take a look !

Cool whites, gorgeous textures, some beautiful, minimal, tall lighting works fabulously well in keeping your home looking fresh and happy. It's an easy makeover too. Did we mention that we now ship worldwide ? :)

Have a wonderful weekend and if you want to chat about your décor anytime, Im right here at ! Would love to hear from you !

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Some excitement at the Studio !

Hello there !

It's been a long while since I last wrote. How have you been doing?

We've been pretty caught up with launching lots of beautiful new floor lamps, New Basics cushions- Limited edition and in fabulous new colours - and we brought home a little puppy ( not such a little one anymore, check our insta feed @olie_living_lighting to see tons of pictures of her, I may have been spamming a bit there ). We also did a couple of amazing shows, travelled a little with them too - something I rarely do. We went to Chennai for the By Hand from the Heart market, a lovely maker's show at a beautiful venue.

Then we did another show in Chennai - this time invited by the India International Handwoven Fair. This one was extra exciting, it was an export fair - something very new for us, and we met lots of makers, weavers and buyers ! While we were at the fair, we got awarded 1st Place for our display and our stall ! Pretty grand :)


 That's me, enjoying the feeling of a plaque in my hands ;)

Post Chennai, we headed to Mumbai for the Lil Flea ! Though the market didn't go as hoped, we loved the city and absolutely enjoyed meeting all the folks who stopped by our stall !

Our latest bit of excitement however is that Olie has been featured by the famous International décor blog, Design*Sponge as One of Ten Indian Textile brands to watch for ! Completely out of the blue, so it had me staring at the screen with an open mouth. But this bit of good news has been a real great start to the week.

Read the full feature here :

And on that happy note - Im going to thank you once again for being around, being you and helping us keep dreaming big !

Lots of love , and have a great week !




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The Beginning of Everything Great

It's my first post this year, and it's going to be a reflective one.

Two years ago, without any real product in hand and without a single sale - we did an elaborate photo shoot of our first collections. I remember the first time someone wanted to buy some product off me, I felt almost reluctant to let go of these things I'd spent so much love and time on. But no-one prepares you for the crazy journey that is entrepreneurship. And it's probably a great thing because it's the fools who don't believe the nay-sayers that decide to take the jump anyway !

I realise that most people who look back on their journey end their story with a fairy-tale happy ending. 

But that's not our story, as yet. It's been a struggle for me, personally to understand how I want to grow the business, and to stop trying to learn from everyone who is willing to share some advice (Sometimes, what worked for them doesn't quite fit in with your style and your business). We are still very much in the middle of the learning curve and yet to really get the business off the ground. When I started out, I was in love with making beautiful products and had no real plan to make money off them, but I quickly realised that that approach wouldn't get me or my artisans anywhere. And so Olie grew little by little, we tried stores, we tried selling them ourselves ( which was always a huge boost, meeting everyone who had the loveliest things to say always keeps us going ) and then finally, we decided to try selling online. (best decision ever!)

I'm going to backtrack a bit here and tell you a little bit about our family-run business.

We are a small team - there's me, I handle everything from design to finances, quality checks, marketing and social media. My husband, Sid puts in all his free time on weekdays and weekends. My mom Asha, drops in to Bangalore once a month to do extensive stock checks and reports ( without which I am lost ! ) and our team of 5 artisans who handle all things production -these guys are amazing, and I never have to worry about the making of the product thanks to the incredible quality of work they now achieve.

Our website has been so precious to us, it's got us directly in touch with the people who change our lives everyday. Every order is a celebration, and a relief ! Working with artisans, I learned leaves you with a sense of responsibility that pushes you to do more that you would have otherwise reached for and I constantly feel both excited and fearful for the next day or month. Social media has been a lifesaver, the more we focus on it and the more we hear from you - the more inspired we feel. For the first time ever this year, we have been at markets meeting people who already knew all about Olie and every collection and I wanted to jump for joy. This way, we know we are on the right path, and headed towards doing what we really wanted to do from the start - bring a little magic into homes everywhere with our bits of whimsy.

So I'm jumping into this year excited to see what it holds for us, full of plans and ideas for new products, and thankful to be lucky enough to do what I'm doing.

much love x

Follow us on facebook :

Instagram : @olie_living_lighting

Pinterest : @olieindia


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That Celebration of Lights !

It's here ! The Indian festival that I love ! Happy Diwali my loves !

Since our last post here, we have been newly rejuvenated and been really feeling the love. I don't think you know how much it helps our little business to hear you say all these lovely things to us and to see the pictures of your beautiful homes full of what we craft !

We have also had a fantastic response from the lovely press folk to our new collections. Here's what has us SO excited this season and this new collection !

 A feature by Elle Décor Magazine :

Little Black Book Bangalore has the loveliest things to say in this article :

THIS blogpost by Trumatter for Houzify picks the Lost in Flowers cushions as the perfect choice for your home this season !

A post by the celebrated blogger Sheena with a review for some of our accessories !


This year in Bangalore, its cold, raining and it couldn't be better. The rain puts out the inevitable and much disliked (by a few) crackers that are horribly polluting and incredibly insensitive to the ears of our furry friends, so its an added reason to celebrate. Instead, out come the gifts, the lovely new sarees and little diyas and fairylights everywhere.

Anusha sent us this gorgeous picture of her bedroom with our Koi Cloud 24x24 cushions and a Windsong table lamp. And this is what she says in a sweetly worded letter "Love the play of colors in my bedroom, courtesy the beautiful cushions and the lovely bedside lamp.
Had some friend visiting me yesterday and all the Olie stuff at home was s big hit so thought of letting you know !
Keep up the awesome work! " Anusha.

See what I mean ? Big hugs all around ! How is your home looking this Diwali? Send us pictures :)

Shop our Cushion covers, Lamps, Table linen, Storage and Stationery on !

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The Sea and I


Hello my lovelies !

If you follow us on facebook ( ) or on instagram ( @olie_living_lighting ), you already know that we are in the midst of one of the most fabulous NEW product launches ever !

Here is a little Behind the scenes peek into one of our first collections to launch : The Sea and I

Every collection begins at the drawing board, literally. A sketch translates into artwork on a screen that Nirmala and Shanti then hand-print on to metres of soft fabric.

The picture right on top is one of Nirmala preparing a screen for this collection. It's easy to fall in love with every step of the process, each person adds so much soul and beauty along the way. Next, the freshly printed fabric makes it's way to our studio where we then plan, design and start cutting, sewing and adding our little special hand-sewn touches to a cushion cover, lamp, box or a little journal.

A little verse, and a beautiful photoshoot later, we launch the Sea and I collection. The whole process takes about 6-8 months from start to finish, no mean feat. But you always, always make it worth it. Thank you for your love !

 For whatever you lose
(like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves
we find in the sea
-ee cummings


The Sea and I collection is now available on our e-store : ! Here's hoping you fall head over heels in love with it ! We are at the Sunday Soul Sante this weekend in Bangalore, come by if you can and give us a hug !

P.S - the Sea and I will be there as well :)

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Simple Ways to Light Up your Home

Hello there !

If you remember, Olie means 'light' in Tamil and Lighting is one of the best things you could own from Olie. So - why ditch the plastic ones and go for something a little more soulful and natural ?

1. You're better than that plastic rubbish.

2. It doesn't do a thing for you other than throw some undiffused bright light in your home- doesn't help the love life (or peace of mind) at all ! You need some of that warm, rich hue that transforms the mood in your space (and looks gorgeous during the day too ! )

3. I've gone over the benefits of Shopping Local in an earlier post. Yes, you can do your bit for the environment just by shopping from craftspeople who craft your lighting using locally sourced materials and are ethically hand-made.

Now that we are done with the general plastic-bashing session. I'm going to share some of my all-time favourite lighting ideas with you. If you have any cool tips - feel free to write me at I always learn the most from you guys !

1. Lamps over a dining table.

A small lighting installation over the dining table could be that design element that changes the aesthetic at home. It looks beautiful during the day, and once the sun sets, it throws light on a space where you probably work/ eat and spend a lot of time.


2. Fill the corners with gorgeous floor lamps that light up your corners and are a work of art.

3. Wall lamps !

I wish I had some better pictures to show you, we have a giant-sized collection of wall lamps and haven't clicked any pictures of them. I'm sure all you small business owners out there are nodding knowingly. But- here is one not -so -great image to give you an idea ! These are wonderful for every room, and even in your bathrooms. They add a ton of style and design detail to your walls and come in every shape and size you can imagine !

So if you have been wondering about where to begin with your lighting, I hope this post throws a bit of light on that topic ( pardon the pun ;) ) For all of you who celebrate Diwali, this is a fabulous time to give your home that lighting makeover. We craft every single lamp just for you - so we need about 2 -3 weeks to fulfil your order. You know what that means, it's time to start ordering. Fill in our Made-to-Order form : or write to us at to place your order.

Love & Light,



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4 Wonderful Ways to drown in Design Inspiration

Hello there !

How are you doing?!

I have news !  it looks like we (both Olie and I) are moving into a beautiful new home. I am so excited, and I find myself wasting glorious amounts of time pouring through design inspiration for the new home. Of course, I want to get a new look for the space - something fresh, bright -with tons of white and lots of foliage. And of course, I want our newest, brightest lights and cushions ( I cannot wait to show you what's in the pipeline - they are my new favourites! ) all across.

So here are 4 of my go-to blogs for daily design inspiration. I think you will enjoy wasting glorious many hours browsing through these too.

1. The Style Files :

The Style Files is Danielle De Lange's absolutely beautiful blog. The images she finds are beautiful and fresh and I never cease to be inspired by her feed. This all white bedroom looks so peaceful. I may add a pop of blue, but it definitely makes it to my moodboard for the new home !

2. An Indian Summer -

An Indian Summer is Bhavna's brainchild. I once wrote her and asked her how she finds so many beautiful pictures, and she simply wrote back saying nothing pretty escapes her eye ! And it's true. Hers is one of my favourite blogs that merge everything Indian in décor with the contemporary. I continue to crush on everything floral, it has a fresh yet vintage feel to it that will always remain a classic.

Once Upon A Tea Time :

Priya is a blogger whose blog isn't only a mine of 'great finds' (she unearths and introduces the most divine new accessories in the décor world including Olie!) But also is a wonderful space to spend hours browsing. I think that though Priya doesn't live in India - she has introduced me to the most number of talented Indian makers than any other blog.

4. Trumatter :

 I discovered Rukmini's blog very recently, and was very taken in by the freshness of every image ( you must be familiar by now with my great love for all things white! ). This particular blog post (the one where this picture is from) talks about how you can grow bougainvillea in your apartment - that's just what I always needed to know. Since we left Pondicherry, I have always wanted to bring the Pondi vibe back by planting a little bougainvillea in my balcony - and Rukmini tells you how !

There are many, too many blogs that are incredible out there - if you know of any you think I should check out, do leave a comment below and I would be happy to ! It's the Ganesha festival here in Karnataka, and everyone's already caught on to the holiday spirit - have a great festival folks, and a wonderful week !

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Inside Lemon Mint

For those of you who follow us on Instagram ( @olie_living_lighting ) , you know that we just got back from a weekend in Goa.  Nothing makes you feel more alive than a good holiday and one of the things I love about travel, is being able to stay in a beautifully designed Hotel/Resort/BnB. It has to be that perfect mix of something that fits our budget + beautifully designed + located well.

This time in Goa, we stayed at a little haven called Wildflower Villas in Candolim. Reading about Wildflower got me excited, the cottages looked gorgeous and the food had great reviews ! 
It was even better than we expected. The entire resort was beautifully designed, and I think Sid probably had to drag me away from our beautiful cottage and their fabulous infinity pool (that overlooks a valley with backwaters) .

So for the first time, I'm going to share a little bit about the space we stayed in and if you like this post, I will show you more spots we 'discovered' in India and around the world !


Tucked away in a secluded part of the 8 acre resort was our cottage, Lemon Mint. With a little outdoor seating area, a Living room with a small couch and an antique study table and chair, a beautiful bedroom with gorgeous windows and a bathroom that had TWO lovely rooms, complete with art, quirky hangers and knobs and a bathtub - Lemon Mint was quite a large cottage.

I loved the texture on the white walls ( reminiscent of greek walls ), The tall curtains everywhere that were the only pop of colour in the rooms, and all that white décor and beautiful dark wood furniture. The only thing I may have added are some Olie cushions to that bed. Perhaps a Koi Cloud Long Cushion ? :)



Off season, The Villas at Wildflower come at a fantastic price - and makes for a great place to disconnect from city life and re-connect with nature.

If you like this post, I think I would rather enjoy reviewing some of our other 'finds' .

Have a good week my loves !



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